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Today with the rapid development that the Optical fiber power involved in communication network, carrier communication is still the most common means of communication power, almost all countries around the world are using power line carrier transmission information in high-voltage power line. The attenuation of the transmitted signal in the frequency range 40-500KHz is low, is an ideal long-distance (20-500km) transmission medium.
TPU-1 use modular design that allows to use different types of modules according to remote protective equipment needed.
OCUS fully integrated separation and insertion, intelligent multifunctional communication system. Its unique modular structure allows the transmission in the optical fiber network by a rate of T1 or E1, or PDH or SDH transmission through the pipeline of 1.544/2.048M. It can be configured for applications like point-to-point, line separation and insertion or self-healing network, with stimulating and multi-ring network applications.
UPLC is based on digital signal processing DSP and PowerPC technologies and use mature hardware and firmware from the TC-10B / TCF-10B series. Combined with the current mature technology and Pulsar company’s experience of design and applications for years, UPLC has become the most advanced power line carrier transceiver.
Connect coupling capacitors, transfer the carrier high frequency signal through high-voltage line, against power frequency voltage and transient over-voltage to provide effective protection for persons and equipment.
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