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Stray current protection and monitoring system is an automation system for stray current collection and monitoring of urban rail transit power supply system The system is mainly composed of following three parts intelligent drainage cabinet, single polarity device, the stray current monitoring system, realize power supply range monitoring, centralized management solution.

Portable stray current detection device is mainly used for the measurement for main parameters of urban rail transit rail insulation status, provide data support for the stray current protection. The device can be convenient to calculate polarization voltage, rail transition resistance, longitudinal resistance, such as data, can be used for acceptance of work, and can be used for daily maintenance.
Power quality monitoring system is mainly used for monitoring and management the power quality of urban rail transit power supply system. The system is mainly collected 35 kV, 10 kV, 0.4 kV intelligent monitoring instrument data in substation, realize the measurement of power quality parameters, analysis of monitoring and measurement management, and other functions for the power supply system.
Dc switch setting device used in subway dc power supply system of high-speed dc circuit breaker tripping current value and tripping time setting test, the efficient operation of protective relay parameter test, can output up to 20000 a dc high current (adjustable).
Cable fault testing device is composed of four units: unit, pursuit, and fault location identification unit and fault fixed-point units, high voltage signal.Applicable to all different section below 35 kv, different media and all kinds of power cable, coaxial cable of the high frequency of low resistance, short circuit, open circuit disconnection fault as well as the high resistance leak and high impedance arc fault.Can also be used for local cable short circuit, open circuit and mixed line fault detection.
YN - SR series series resonance device used in power cable, generators, GIS switch, transformer and so on pressure test, pressure test of a new method and trend of electricity, rail transit at home and abroad has been widely used.
Device by the variable frequency source, excitation transformer, high voltage reactor, high voltage divider, compensation of capacitor.
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