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Power Solution of the Railway electrification system Catenary switch monitoring system Cable temperature online monitoring system SF6 gas online monitoring system Insulator pollution online monitoring system of the electrified railway Electrical testing car Electrical testing equipments Power solution of the Urban rail transit Stray current protection and monitoring system Portable stray current detection device Power quality monitoring system Electrical testing car Electrical testing equipments Power solution of the Secondary electrical equipments Relay protection 變電站綜合自動化 電能質量分析儀 Fault recording Energy metering Electric power communication Power supply system
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Catenary switch monitoring system is mainly used for the remote control, condition monitoring and fault alarm of isolating switch in electrified railway catenary. The system improves the catenary reliability and security of the power supply, has a good application prospect.

PLATINUM2.5K fault recorder is a multifunctional equipment of fault recorder, that can monitor power system comprehensively, including the protection operation, the system stability, power quality, and the three-phase line voltage and current values of records and other functions. For power system events that occurred can capture the complete waveform and data according to user needs. Whether in power system optimization, improve reliability, reduce downtime, or verifying circuit breakers and protection devices, etc., P2.5K is your best option.
AMETEK-Scientific Columbusmeter guide the development of Industrial multifunction solid measure in the past 30 years. JEMSTAR electricity meter possesses all functions and features of high-end electricity meter but without the high-end prices.
Grating optical fiber cable temperature measuring system is mainly used for fittings and power cable temperature monitoring in electrified railway substation. The system based on grating as production principle, through the optical fiber transmission form realize real-time temperature measurement of cables and connectors, avoid power failure caused by high temperature due to loose cable head or aging.
The use of advanced computer technology, modern electronic technology, communication technology and information processing  technology to achieve the recording of the function of substation equipment (including the protection, control, measurement, signal, fault recorder, automatic device and remote devices, etc.), optimization design, implementation of monitoring and measurement of the operation of all equipment in the substation.
As an important part of the secondary system, protection is directly related to the stability and security of the entire operation of the power system. Our integrated ZIV protection Equipment from Spain will give you a perfect solution with its excellent quality and reasonable investment.
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